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Happy teachers lead to happy students and families.

Listen to teacher and staff, student, and parent voices. Understand your school's and/or district's strengths and growth areas.

Act on the data.

Student Perception Survey,
Online Parent and Teacher Questionnaire

Measure and Improve School Climate and Culture - 
Improve Educational Outcomes

  • Improve academic performance including grades and test scores

  • Increase attendance

  • Improve student engagement

  • Increase retention of students and teachers

  • Reduce bullying and other school safety concerns

  • Promote student well-being and mental health

  • Improve employee engagement

What are climate surveys for schools?

CustomInsight’s School Climate and Culture Survey (Focal EDU) provides comprehensive insights into your school and/or district culture. Designed by education and psychometric testing experts, Focal EDU can help you identify strengths in your school climate as well as areas for growth. Our tool provides actionable data to create strategic, data-driven plans to improve your school climate.   


Parents, students, and teachers can take the questionnaire to help you better understand your school and community needs. All three components can be done in combination or separately.  We  recommend you administer a survey to students, parents, and teachers as this will provide  valuable insight, allowing your school and/or district to create meaningful school climate action plans and improvements. Focal EDU includes research-based, validated questions for all stakeholders.


Our Services


Student Perception Survey

Our student survey assesses student well-being, safety, and learning. Our questions tap into student perceptions  about their teachers, the learning environment and academic rigor, school safety, bullying, and education opportunities. You can better understand their sense of belonging and what factors most highly contribute to this.


Teacher and Staff Questionnaire

Our teacher survey is a combination of our school climate survey survey and our employee engagement survey. The teacher survey helps you gain a window into teacher and staff satisfaction at school, highlighting potential teacher attrition risks and giving you actionable insights to increase teacher retention. 


Parent Survey

The parent survey measures parent and family perceptions of the quality of teaching and learning, bullying and school safety, school culture, and communication practices.

Tailored for Educational Institutions

Myschoolsurvey's platform is designed by experts with a deep understanding of the unique requirements of educational institutions.

All-Inclusive Toolkit

Seamless Data Sharing

Customized Design Options

Trusted by Educational Leaders

Educational leaders rely on Myschoolsurvey1 for invaluable insights and data-driven decision-making.

Client Testimonials

''Myschoolsurvey1 has revolutionized the way we understand our school culture and environment. It's an invaluable tool for any educational institution.''

Deena Levies,
Oakwood High School

''The insights provided by Myschoolsurvey1 have been instrumental in shaping our school policies and fostering a positive learning environment.''

Tom Smithenson, Riverdale Middle School

''Myschoolsurvey1's platform has significantly enhanced our ability to gather and interpret data, ultimately leading to positive changes within our school community.''

Tilly Green,
Meadowbrook Elementary

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Elevate your school's data analysis capabilities with Myschoolsurvey's advanced solutions.

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